Fight Night

The DPW had its
The DPW had its "family" night at Thunderdome on Tuesday. You know Thunderdome -- where two enter, and only one leaves? Oh, wait, wrong movie. But pretty much the same. Two combatants suspended on thick elastic from the roof of the dome, who are hurled at each other to do battle. Sometimes foam swords are used. Sometimes not. I do not yet have the results of all the matches, but D.A. was looking for revenge after his four-round loss to the DPW champ last year. Leave a comment if you know who won, and how the battle went. Much appreciated.


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John Curley

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5 Comments on “Fight Night

  • Mars says:

    Never in a million years did I think I’d be into this, but Death Guild rocked it hard. I went there every night. Couldn’t get enough. I only wish that the opera singer could be there every night.

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  • James says:

    Is it true that Thunderdome picked up an endorsement deal from Hot Topic? I was really dissapointed to hear that you all sold out like that!

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  • Daniel Solnit says:

    NO – The artfully homemade “Hot Topic” banner was placed over the Thunderdome sign as a prank, a (gently) satiric comment on the too-perfect outfits worn by the lovely young goths hanging out at the dome. To their credit, Death Guild let it stay up for a day or two, so all could appreciate the jab. Nothing at BM is safe from satire – it’s how we keep it all in perspective.

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  • Don says:

    Yeah, what was that sign about? It was pretty much the reason I stayed away, thought it was some kind of weird joke and I never happened by when there was fighting going on.

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  • Tim Jones says:

    This was amazing, crazy and loads of fun, harmless but looked rough, I loved it!

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