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Tyronus first set foot in Black Rock City in 2002. His Masters Degree in Urban Planning, experience in responsible real estate Development, and way with words have earned him the position of Chief Communicator for Vertical Camp, where he promotes the ideas embodied by the structure and the camp's principles. Urban infill housing has the power to create better communities, and a better quality of life as a result.

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Wally Bomgaars (aka odwally), has been working with Burning Man for over thirteen years, and served as Playa Safety Manager overseeing the Rangers, Gate/Perimeter/Exodus, and DMV departments for the last four. Wally is a founder and owner of High Rock Security, a security company which provides security services for many of the events and festivals throughout California. Though highly involved in event safety and security, food and cooking are Wally's first passion.

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Xina is currently traveling around the world working on a documentary film called Participate! She has done many things and it always willing to try something new.

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