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Proud citizen of Black Rock City and Glittercamp since 2005, Sybil Hatch is a lover of the desert, bicycles, and writing. She is particularly drawn to stories exploring the interstitial dynamics between humans, emotion, and the natural world. Best burn ever? When she brought her 16-year-old daughter to Burning Man. Daughter’s response when asked about her favorite part of Burning Man? “I couldn’t believe how friendly and open all the people were to me!” That’s Sybil’s kind of town!

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Summer Burkes has been rousting about at Burning Man since 1998. She first met her dusty DPW / Cyclecide / Bike Club fam-dambly on the back of The Bucket. A Cacophony Society enthusiast, Summer loves explosions and cake.

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A member of the community since 1993, Stuart manages the development of Burning Man educational programs, co-authors the annual BRC event theme, and has one toe in the Philosophical Center. He claims to have coined the phrase "that thing in the desert" and is due a royalty payment of US$1.00 for every use of the phrase or its derivatives, including "TTITD" or "That Thing."

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Stephanie Kohler is a writer, musician, and teacher based out of Atlanta, GA. She believes that playa magic is everywhere. More info on her website.

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As the program coordinator for Burners Without Borders, Shawn helps facilitate socially innovative projects through BWB’s initiatives, grants and chapter network. Before joining the Burning Man staff, Shawn lived around the world for a number of years working and volunteering for community development nonprofits including building his own school for youth who live in the train stations of Calcutta, India. Burning since 2011, he’s helped bring art to the playa every year and was on the first Ma’Patz (DPW) crew for Midburn. From the SF Bay with a BA in cultural anthropology, he’s excited to help facilitate and extend Burning Man culture globally.

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San Francisco based dreamer schemer and explorer.

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I'm a DJ, MC, poet, civil rights lawyer, and grassroots organizer. I've recorded an album, a rack of spoken word and music videos, and some DJ sets. During the day, I help lead one national civil liberties organization and work for another as Director of Grassroots Advocacy. Much of my writing examines corruption across the national security, intelligence, police & prison industrial complex, though I also write poems and song lyrics. I've been a Burner since 2003.

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Scott Kelley is full-time nerd, part-time geek who has been hacking stuff since 5th grade. After getting degrees in math and physics, he has worked on a range of projects from top secret death machines to children’s toys to observatories. He currently spends a lot of time worrying about how you might kill yourself on playa.

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Lisa Schile-Beers (aka Dr. Scirpus) is a Land Fellow for the Burning Man Project for six months. She is exploring and documenting the flora, fauna and everything else she comes across on the Fly Ranch property. When not smelling the sagebrush, she manages the Environmental Compliance team for the Burning Man event. Lisa has worn many hats since first volunteering and attending the Event in 2006: managing the fuel department, building the Man, making and installing signs, and tinkering with golf carts. When not in the desert, she studies wetland ecology throughout the US and internationally, and is happiest with a little bit of mud on her.

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Girolamo Savonarola (September 1452 – 23 May 1498) was an Italian Dominican friar and preacher active Renaissance Florence whose prophetic and apocalyptic visions led to the mass incineration of secular art in the "Bonfire of the Vanities," and the overthrow of the ruling Medici family. After defying the Vatican, he himself was burned at the stake, and the Medicis returned to power in 1512.

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