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Affinity, a Burner since 2000, was legally married on the Playa in 2001, was wedding coordinator and then training coordinator at Burning Man, before becoming the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) Social Media Coordinator and an Advisory Board Member. An attorney, she served on the Board of Directors of the Western Pension and Benefits Conference. She interned with the Human Awareness Institute for 10 years. She writes about how art is envisioned, produced, created, installed and its afterlife.

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Alex Ebbinge is a 60-something designer and fabricator with a diverse background that includes long-haul trucking, heavy equipment, and even dairy farming — as he puts it, "I know my way around a cow." He's a lifelong learner and an introvert, with a bevy of creative projects outside his professional life. Alex was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in March 2012, forcing him to give up his beloved practices of Taiko drumming, cycling, and sailing. Alex's strong will to continue fighting helped him surpass his doctors’ expectations, and he has survived well beyond his initial three-year prognosis. It's important to Alex to pass on the knowledge he's gained from his vast experiences, always looking for ways to give back and make the world better. In that spirit, Alex offers his perspective as a participant in the Burning Wish program at Burning Man 2019.

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Amay Kataria is a media artist practicing out of Chicago, Illinois. His art practice deconstructs the human condition by exploring themes of impermanence and unpredictability through the phenomenon of temporality. Every creative act is like an event unfolding in space & time — an organic synthesis of philosophical research, historical excavation, and creative experimentation with technology. His works have been shown at Vector, DeConfine, and Piksel festivals, Electromuseum, Hyde Park Art Center, Ars Electronica, Experimental Sound Studio, and HangZhou Triennial of Fiber Art, among others.

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Andie Grace returned to the staff of Burning Man in 2019 as a producer of strategic storytelling content. During her original tenure at BMHQ from 2000-2013, she was a member of the Executive Committee, managed the Communications Department, and helped oversee the early development of the Regional Network. During her seven-year hiatus, she co-founded an indie film distribution label, an indie video game label, and a creative coworking hub in Silicon Valley, but ultimately her passion for Burning Man and its cultural future pulled her back to the staff of the Project. She lives with her family in Berkeley, California.

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Annie Oak is a San Francisco-based journalist, project manager and event organizer.

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Annie Dunlop (aka Entheos) made her first trip to Black Rock City in 2014, and she has attended every year since. In 2016 and 2017, she was one of the leaders of Reverbia, and has been a part of the large-scale art installations “The Journey” (2017) and “The Folly” (2019). In 2018 Annie was one of the founding members of Religious As Fuck (RAF), a group of Radically Inclusive Christian Burners, which includes members ranging in age from their 30s to their 60s. Many of RAF’s campers identify with the queer community, including Annie. Alex Leach (aka Gummy Bear) is an Episcopalian Priest, a dad, and a Burner. He was a co-founder of the theme camp Religious as Fuck (RAF) in 2018, and has been a Burner since 2011. Alex’s experience of living in theme camps in Black Rock City has radically transformed and deepened his experience of Spirit, Sacredness, and God.He now participates with his campmates in RAF to build a space combining authentic Christianity and Burner ethos.

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Anselm is a relative newcomer to the Burning Man scene (Burning since 2013), but a long-time citizen of liminal spaces everywhere. He thinks with his hands, believes specialization is a mistake, and occasionally assembles loose words into rambles for Burning Man and others.

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Ballyhoo Betty has been working for DPW since 2011 and managing Burning Man’s Community Yellow Bike Program since 2013. In addition to participating in Regional Burns around the world, she is an avid supporter of cycling communities, teaches yoga, and works in digital design.

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