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Scott Kelley is full-time nerd, part-time geek who has been hacking stuff since 5th grade. After getting degrees in math and physics, he has worked on a range of projects from top secret death machines to children’s toys to observatories. He currently spends a lot of time worrying about how you might kill yourself on playa.

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Lisa Schile-Beers (aka Dr. Scirpus) is a Land Fellow for the Burning Man Project for six months. She is exploring and documenting the flora, fauna and everything else she comes across on the Fly Ranch property. When not smelling the sagebrush, she manages the Environmental Compliance team for the Burning Man event. Lisa has worn many hats since first volunteering and attending the Event in 2006: managing the fuel department, building the Man, making and installing signs, and tinkering with golf carts. When not in the desert, she studies wetland ecology throughout the US and internationally, and is happiest with a little bit of mud on her.

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Girolamo Savonarola (September 1452 – 23 May 1498) was an Italian Dominican friar and preacher active Renaissance Florence whose prophetic and apocalyptic visions led to the mass incineration of secular art in the "Bonfire of the Vanities," and the overthrow of the ruling Medici family. After defying the Vatican, he himself was burned at the stake, and the Medicis returned to power in 1512.

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Foxes is frequently seen biking in deep playa, behind a window at the Box Office, or writing on top of Lello. If you’re nice to her, she might give you gin.

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Rosalie Barnes works year round in San Francisco as the Senior Project Manager for the Government Relations & Legal Affairs Department of Black Rock City, LLC. During the Burning Man event, Rosalie is part of the External Relations Team, a program that gives tours of the art and infrastructure of Black Rock City to visiting officials and cultural ambassadors. Rosalie received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Brandeis University and in 2009, she received a double Masters from Harvard, focusing on Technology, Media and Learning. She first participated in Burning Man in 2000, and came to work for the Man in 2009.

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Roni Kantor (a.k.a. Polka dot com) is one of the founders of Midburn and is now Special Advisor for Community Development and Communication. A Burner since 2009, she came back to Israel from her first Burn with a new spark in her eyes. She’s a shoe designer, artist and community hacker. On playa, when she’s not running like a child with her Burner son from one art installation to another, you can find her building something colorful or picking up MOOP.

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Rebecca has been Burning Man’s head of Ticketing since 2007. She creates and implements ticketing strategy and operations each year. She first attended Burning Man in 1999 and began working with the organization as a volunteer in 2001 with the Center Camp Café. Seeing firsthand the need to foster community and organize to support the 500+ volunteer base of the Café, she pioneered the role of Volunteer Community Manager. She continues to focus on ticketing strategies that support community, as well as facilitating critical communications to the Burning Man community through producing the annual printed Survival Guide and What, Where, When handbook of participant events. Prior to her experience with Burning Man, Rebecca worked in branding and creative direction, business innovation strategy, retail management, and dabbled in finance, although at her core she has always been an artist. When not working on Burning Man projects, she is happily raising two young Burners in her native San Francisco.

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