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Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley is Burning Man Project’s Associate Director of Communications. Dom manages press/media relations, external communications strategies, and social media, to name a few things. On playa, he helps run Media Mecca with a team of amazing volunteers. Burning since 2013, Dom’s playa name seems to change every year. Prior to joining the Burning Man staff, Dom spent almost six years on the breaking news desk at CNN in New York.

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Drink Water! is a weekly webcomic written and illustrated by D.C. Wilson. It’s a classic tale of Man vs. Fish, an epic saga of redemption and rehydration set in the dusty town of Black Rock City, NV. New issue every Sunday on the Drink Water! series page.

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Elder Wrong is the Porta Pottie Preacher. The Cuddle Pottie is his second attempt at being a cult leader after his failed Army of Shirt Cocking Elders of Latter-Day Saints started at his 2011 Burn. He has been preaching his message of “Love thy Porta-Potties” through the Pottie Project since 2013. A local artist to Phoenix Arizona, Elder Wrong has created burn pieces for Arizona and Southern Nevada Regional Burns. Elder Wrong is now the lead volunteer of the Pottie Project. You can email him or friend him on Facebook.

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This text has been co-written by (among others): Burning Man Project’s Aarhus Regional Contacts Christian Dietrichsen and Lars Haahr, city activist in Aarhus Jeppe Spure Nielsen, member of the Berlin Burner community Katharina Hagg and Burning Man Project Director of Education Stuart Mangrum. We hope you will enjoy it and we look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and ideas. 

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Felicity Graham, M.A., is a performer, educator, researcher, writer and professional enthusiast. You know - a Renaissance woman. It's a living. In addition to her teaching and writing, she's also a member of the board of directors of NYSTA, a non-profit organization for voice professionals. As such, arts funding is a topic that's (usually) near and (mostly) dear to her heart. She currently lives in NYC, where she spends her time thinking up clever article titles and voluntarily paying Columbia University embarrassing amounts of money to add even more initials after her name.

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Where vibes are high, you can bet Graham Berry won’t be far. When he’s not volunteering to build big art or eating fire, he’s usually chronicling the experiences created at events that were inspired by the community and ethos in Black Rock City. With his trusty Masters of Communications from the University of Southern California and his Instagram moniker @FestivalWriter, Graham tirelessly works to share the stories of the creative heroes of the day. Through sheer dedication and an iron will, he fills his daytime hours generating editorial content as the voice of Do LaB. Outside the office, he moonlights as a freelancer for various culture and events focused publishers like Fest300, LA Weekly and Burn After Reading Magazine. He has also written extensively on the powerful culture that Burning Man catalyzed in festivals peppered throughout the default world, including Lucidity, Enchanted Forest, Envision and Lightning in a Bottle.

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Gustavo is the Education Project Manager for Burning Man Project and has a Bachelor's degree in social anthropology, and a Master's in both human development and instructional design. In his previous life, Gustavo worked as a trainer for Public Health and Human Services organizations and helped professors build courses at UC Berkeley. He has helped to launch Burning Man Hive, designed and produced online courses therein, and he currently supports learning design projects at Burning Man Project.

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