Coyote Nose: Tales of the Early Desert Carnies of Burning Man


Stories of the wild ’90s and the formation of DPW from Burning Man’s first storytelling fellowship recipient, Tony “Coyote” Perez-Banuet, Superintendent of Black Rock City.

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This is an excerpt from Coyote’s upcoming book about this pivotal era in the history of Burning Man. These chapters comprise Part I: Inferno.

  • Chapter 1: In Through the Out Door

    “An early taste of death is not necessarily a bad thing.” — Charles Bukowski We were all accustomed to being fooled by the sorcery of the Black Rock Desert with its shimmer and slant, but a small raining cloud hovering overhead like a balloon on a string was spooky. The rest of the sky was vast …Read More
  • Chapter 2: City of Permission

    “What the hell am I looking at?” It was the rotting head of a cow hanging on a tall stake that was sticking in the ground in front of a camp on the right. As we got a bit closer I could see the cloudy remains of its eyeballs still in its sockets. It was …Read More
  • Chapter 3: A Night at the Opera

    “Hello — I’m from KTVN Channel 2 News in Reno, and we’re here to film some of your performance. I am told that Pepe Ozan would be around here. Are you him?” A news lady from Reno stepped out of the darkness with her camera crew and approached Pepe. Aliens from another planet would not …Read More
  • Chapter 4: Inferno

    It was morning number five, and I was in the back of Will’s open blue 4×4 as we were cruising across the playa. The rig was packed with guns and ammo, and we were heading to a place called ‘The Drive By Shooting Gallery’. I had woken up, in my kiln tent where the drums …Read More
  • Chapter 5: God’s Flashlight

    “Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be breakthrough.” — R. D. Laing I sat cross-legged in front of my tent watching the radiant edge of the sun peep up from behind the mountains. Its rays were being choked through the black smokes of the wreckage of Black Rock City making it a dark …Read More

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