Blessed by the Dust

WoW! What can I say?

I knew that burning man would change my life, I guess that is why I waited 4 years to attend after first hearing about it.

Our campsite — 7:15 child — was this an indication?

Our trip down from Canada provided many detours and adventures, and the van – the 1978 VW that no one was able to properly fix… this alone tested the relationship – drive for four hours then stop for four hours, from Denver to Black Rock. Thank-you to the person who pull-started us at the gate!

Thursday morning we arrived, the Tall Tales Tea camp already set-up, our friends slowly starting to stir after a night of fun. What did we miss? We tried to get here, really!

I am here, my partner was here last year, so this is the Playa – I think I am starting to get it. Little did I know that the subconscious preparation that had been going on the whole way down was leading up to Friday afternoon! The VW had recently lost the stereo, so the trip down was spent fully present, fully here and now. My partner & I really got into one another. We explored, we pried, we tested.

Thursday was spent setting up another shade structure and getting re-acquainted with the group. Thursday-night we walked around, looking, laughing and playing – all those lights, so many lights. Friday morning 6:00 my partner & I got up, everyone else was still asleep – we took the bikes and rode out into the playa – dust blowing over our bodies, christening us. After riding and seeing nothing for so long we were amazed to see a small shack, a house were dancing took place the night before, there were people sprawled out getting some sleep before the sun became unbearable. At the front of the house there were two cushions with wind blockers behind them, what a perfect place to meditate – so there we sat and sucked up the energy, the sand blowing past, the goggles pressed firmly and the hypnotic state of now. After our bliss we made our way back to the camp, grabbed some friends and went for Yoga – nice…

The day progressed and we found ourselves taking a cool shower, followed by a visit to the VW. What was initially a quick hug turned into a timeless moment where our energies met and someone else thought they would come along for the ride as well. That evening friends of ours committed to each other in the middle of the playa with the group watching and my partner and I strangely joking about the afternoon and what could be. As we sat around under the stars we giggled and hugged and laughed – what a special moment, even if it wasn’t what we thought… The next day was the burn, with the sun going down and the howling starting we put on our burning best and headed off for a night of dancing, mystery and expansion. As I go on and on – my partner goes on and on and the bundle of energy goes on and on… everything so in sync.

Driving back to Canada we talked we shared and remembered the adventure, kept bumping into people that were down for fun… we crossed the border back to Canada on September 10, the winding road of the coast behind us and just a quick jaunt over the and through the mountains and 3 days later we were home. Home with an experience that was fresh and still full of energy, energy that was growing! My partner went to the drug store and came over to my place and confirmed our suspicion and now, what else to do but enjoy and share and be.

Well here I am 9 months to the day sitting at my computer preparing for what might be tonight or early tomorrow morning – amazing what a conscious environment can do to one’s reality.

Name: Luna
Sex: F
Weight: 7. 11
Time: 17:47
Date: May 29th, 2002

A beautiful home birth with beautiful Energy.

I don’t think we will make back down this year, but guaranteed we will be back, and this time with a new experience – is this what they mean by ‘no spectators?’

Peace, Love & Now,
Rob & Lara & Luna

by Rob Sinclair

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