When I started getting ready for my first Burning Man…hearing about what I was about to get involved in…I made a bag full of marbles.

It was only right knowing anyone that really wanted to go spend a week in the desert had lost theirs.

2000 was amazing.

It was like a giant hand was guiding me and making amazing things happen.

We got there and built it up.

And we danced…

And we fried…

And we burnt it down.

Then we came home and slept.

And then I went home and found everyone seemed a bit crazier then before. Including myself.

I lost a job.

I dumped the girl that thought I went out there just to have sex.

I bought a truck and drove it back out there in 2001.

This year I brought two bags of marbles for trade.

2001 was amazing.

I was home again.

Everything was different and yet I never felt so in tune with where I was.

We got there and built it all up.

And we danced…

And we fried 30 lbs of pancakes.

Every day was just a little better then the one before it.

On Friday my camp mate brought me out to help him as a gate keeper at the Temple of Wisdom where I find great wisdom when in my dusty foolishness I tell Larry and M.M. they can’t enter the man. Shortly afterwards I am seen in the Pillar of Darkness eating my shoe quite whole and intact.

I must have given all my marbles away at this point.

And we burned it all down.

And then I was home again.

I guess the point of this story is….

I am finding marbles.

In the yard.

Down by the river.

Random places.

None the same.

Where do they come from?

I am being guided.

Bring me home.

by Hylocori

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