to each who brought the fire
to each who smiled through dusty eyes
to each who banged, pulled, tied and held
to each who danced and drummed
to each who spun and blended
to each who felt the rawness
to each who cared enough
to each who gave without expectation
to each who taught me i offer thanks and a poem.

“Sweet Sauce”

burning man
MAN oh man
i feel it again
that utopian felopian
tube of a connection
confection erection
natural selection

where joy is created
equated with effort
elated thru
we sated who
ever came to
our bedouin dome
a taste of rome
when debauchery was en vogue
and we the rogues
in a dusty desert
where life is the exception
but sanctity the rule

with love – sideburning man (custom sideburns for all)

by Stuart Sheldon

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