The Heart of the Man

Whirling dust devils,
guiding pirates to hidden treasure.
Expensive tent,
tumbling across the desert.
Horned monsters giving water,
to the soon-to-be dead.
Hippies and freaks,
fishing on a dry lakebed.

Dry feet cracking,
from harsh alkali.
Watch and wallet replaced,
with a “where?” and a “why?”
Aluminum palm trees
shading the mass.
Naked man in the dark,
turning sand into glass.

Motorized pig, shooting fire
from its flank.
Everybody’s welcomed,
with a hug, and a spank.
Love is given,
at the wave of a hand.
Tribal drums pounding:
the heart of the man.

by Mike Rossow

About the author: Tales From the Playa

Tales From the Playa are dreams and memories of events that took place at Burning Man, as told by participants. Submit your story here.