I was, I saw a Queen in a golden bathtub and
Cleopatra’s slaves hauled her through the desert in
that labour of love, plastic palms and spraypaint.

I saw, I was a Vegas showgirl, red and black feathers,
sequins, jewels, fishnets flapping in the hot, hot
desert wind. Can-cans and cocktails all class.

I saw, I was, a bleached blonde, frightened, sick girl
holding my love, being held, supporting supported
nothing we won’t survive. I am there for you.

I was, I saw, twisted in the brain, running holding
hands through the desert dust full moon shine chasing
that dragon, Planet Earth fading into the background.

I saw, I was Nursing a hangover, stethoscope, white
uniform, hands stained red with your hair, art
tigerstripes coral pink, your streaks echo the
landscape and plagiarize the sunset.

I was, I saw, a temple of tears we all cried. Nothing
we won’t survive.

It’s dirty in a good way, baby.

by Nurse Wasabi

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