The Gauzy Strip

I began this magical night with a group of friends by going to a dance tent that featured retro themes – this night was 70’s glam rock. We got the makeup and glitter on and hit the dance floor. Then we hopped on a double-decked art-bus, and rode around the playa for awhile. At some point, everyone got off the bus, but I could not locate my pals…such was the mystical nature of that eve. I accepted this as divine intervention that I was to wander solo. I soon came upon a tent filled with frenetic music and dancers. There was a beautiful blonde woman standing before me in a fuzzy bikini. Her eyes met mine and we exchanged a few words, something about my not having a Burning Man kiss yet this year. The next thing I knew, she embraced me and gave me a soulful deep tongue kiss – I could feel it all the way to my toes! I bowed to her and drifted off into the dance floor, high on the electricity of the moment.

I made my way down the outer Esplanade, stopping into other dance zones for some more hyper-electric boogaloo. I happened upon an outdoor DJ who was playing some very intense beats. I dove in, and wound up dancing on the outer perimeter – the edge where the crowd met the dark playa. A beautiful 1920’s/goth girl (with some serious dance moves!) loaned me her dark lipstick Soon I was joined by a dancer wrapped in white gauzy material. She moved in a graceful and captivatingly unique style, her head completely obscured by the flimsy material. I gravitated toward her; soon we were dancing together out on the dark playa, away from the throng. I longed to see her face…soon I approached her. We stopped dancing and she drew near to me. Slowly, ever so slowly, she lifted her gauzy veil to reveal the most amazingly cherubic beautiful blue-eyed face. I was stunned. She revealed her name. The veil dropped and we resumed our dance, she eventually spun off into the darkness of the playa, disappearing like an apparition. Ahhhh, Burning Man!

by Boombox

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