alone again

alone again
the dust lies in a haze
at the horizon
pinkpurple rounded mountains
ringing this dried-up lake bed

i m p o s s i b l y f l a t p l a y a
it plays eye games with
my mind

it’s as close to silence as it comes
this week before sunday,
just far-off drums and sunrise
sun up
sun up

dusty crusty funfur clad
twos and threes, walking, biking,
make their way
no-one speaks

we bathe ourselves in the morning
light stretched over the arc of sky
here where it’s flat you can see
the bend of the world

finally the pink gives way and the firstburst
of yellow rays breach the mountain side

striking minakawa’s mandala
first, then
one by one
each art instill-ation catches its singular
moment to be
with the sun

by sonja claire

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