It’s Never Too Late To Volunteer

Photograph by Heather Gallagher (CameraGirl)

Did you know that excessive volunteering guarantees you a spot in heaven? At least, that’s what we’ve heard from people that know stuff about this sort of thing.

OK, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but volunteering in whatever capacity you can is still a great way to participate and play a part in making Black Rock City the marvelous place that it is.

Plus you’ll be creating some good karma for both you and your fellow citizens. So you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.

I do realize that Burning Man is mere weeks away and you may be saying to yourself, “But Timmmii, how can I possibly volunteer now? Isn’t it too late?”

Well, no, it’s not too late. It’s never too late for you to volunteer!

Yes, it’s true! You can still volunteer at Burning Man after you arrive, and No, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t sign up in advance.

Here’s what you do:

Head on in to Center Camp and stop by Playa Info (see photo above), where you’ll find the V-Spot. Tell them, “I want to volunteer!” You don’t have to scream but feel free to get all excited about it.

The kindly and patient people at the V-Spot can then help you figure out where your help is needed most. See how easy it is?

Remember, Burning Man doesn’t happen without our illustrious legion of volunteers and we can use any and all the help we can get.

Everyone has SOME sort of skill that can be put to good use on the playa. C’mon, all the cool people are doing it.

For more information, check the Burning Man Volunteer page or the Volunteer FAQ.

Give it a go, yo!


About the author: timmmii

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