Some Things to Not Forget

Two tickets arrive fed-ex on time and it’s off to the Playa to play
Sometimes big trucks get all broke down,
Just ask Triple A Carl, what happens now?
We wait.
Reverse the dismay with salame, stale camels and ice cold teqi-lay.
Onward over mountains, eat burritos, pyramid lake, secret way, sun falls, drive up,
Ring a bell then look and look and look, don’t tell.

It’s good to know people
When you don’t know camp.
The ever gracious muragers saved us naked in their sleep.
Ride on, hop on the pegs and dance
No, don’t speak, just go get on your freak,
Yeah, stand up and freak you freaky little freak.
4:45 I mean 3:45 and Fate, that’s where the boat was docked.
Man oh man, it sure did rock.
Then the RV, a vacant tent, and well spent journey found a moment’s end.
One hundred minutes of sleep, some rest, press forward,
No direction in hand, keep it cruising to find another camp.
A bus, a stage, blinking lights, fernet,
See the pirate’s flag, and welcome home burner friends.
A large-eyed pupil man once said “Just stop, close your eyes, go to the
Music (I smiled) and the magic of this place will light your way.”
Ravers, artists, nudists, ninjas, pirates, criers,
Speakers, dreamers (dream on you fucking dreamers), spinners, burners,
Freakers, sneakers, singers, dancers, floating streakers …
And a whole lot of techno on great big bass-ass speakers.
They all will find their way.
Circle, traverse, reverse, go forth to the light
Like bug-eyed flies flying high through the night.
Keep peddling, go fast, go straight, turn left, strip down, scream loud and
Follow with speed. A dust storm is coming, swift force, pay heed.
Let’s watch its pace…it travels with grace.
And now it’s time for soup good friends.
Come watch the day begin to sway.
The beer will spew, the fire will spin, the heads will gong
And the music will play all day all day.
Big boots, bustiers, sharp hats, night lights, furry fur-wear,
Looking good,
Wait, actually, wait, no wait,
Looking really fucking awesome great,
Glitter-up, giddy-up saddle up and shine.
Flips, drinks, p-funks and smiles, beauty and light come out at night.
Oh floaty boat, take us there, through all the fancy playa fair –
Cherry-picker flowers tower over head,
Kitty cats, lily pads, roller rinks, pirate ships, floating lips, light up whips.
And where is anxious street?
Show me the way again and again, cause I came here to get lost.
And no, I don’t care, not even a little because it is truly a small cost,
To find a universe – an ethereal way, to take you through your daily day,
Melt away the frost and say:
In the desert, a piece of me sure will stay.
Even back in our land of norm,
Watch me sing and dance and say
Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!
I wanna be in the dust storm!!
Ole, Ole Ole Ole!

by Christine “Gato” Imfeld

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