Piss Clear Book Release Party – May 28 in San Francisco

Piss Clear Book Cover

Coming up this Thursday is the celebration of the eagerly awaited release of “Burning Man Live: 13 Years of Piss Clear, Black Rock City’s Alternative Newspaper”. Piss Clear Editor Adrian Roberts and the rest of the gang are setting the stage for one hell of a release at Mighty. Piss Clear has been entertaining readers on the playa with its clever wit and snarky commentary since 1995.

Paging through these articles will lead you into a comprehensive chronology of the event, and you’ll delve into some of Burning Man’s controversial subjects in a way only Piss Clear can present them. This book contains all 34 issues and just about every article, except for a few that should have been cut originally because “we were too wasted to bother editing them,” says Roberts. This book is an anthology of everything Piss Clear will ever be, as Adrian has moved on to other projects since 2007. About this he remarked, “Piss Clear was in a grind. I had already bitched about everything possible at Burning Man.”

Thursday’s book release will feature many attractions for both the eager newbie and the jaded veteran. If you come early you can catch a happy hour screening of “Dust and Illusions” which Adrian feels is like Piss Clear in that “both offer a very comprehensive history of Burning Man. Not the white-washed history, but the real deal.”  This event also features a line-up of some fantastic DJs that “spin everything except clichéd Burning Man trance and techno,” including Adrian’s famous “Booty” mash-ups.

There will be “Playa Celebrities” on hand to entertain and amuse. When asked what exactly these big names will be doing, he stated, “I don’t know. Probably reciting cheeky, stupid, ridiculous haiku or something.” Don’t miss a little bit of Piss Clear’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts when they give away their award for “Worst Playa Outfit”. Mighty’s bartenders will be serving up their usual concoctions, plus some of the winners of Piss Clear’s Playa drink-making “Iron Liver Contest”.

The Piss Clear Book Release Party is this Thursday, May 28th at Mighty.  Doors open at 7pm. Price is only $5. $20 will buy you admission plus a signed copy of the new book. Find more information at http://www.pissclear.org/party

Come out and support this fantastic piece of Burning Man history. See you there!

About the author: Jonesy Jones

Jonesy Jones has been attending Burning Man since 1999. Jonesy's projects for Burning Man have included Spoon Return Center, Waffling Waystation, and participating in The BRC Dog and Gun Racing Team. He served as the San Diego Regional Contact from 2004-2005. Jonesy now resides in San Francisco, where he serves as the Artists' Advocate for the Burning Man Art Department and heads the Cafe Art Team. Jonesy has been with the Burning Man Special Events Team since 2005, serving as the layout coordinator and miscellaneous cat herder. He also publishes the weekly San Francisco Announcement regarding events in the Bay Area. Jonesy plans to write blogs regarding special local events and the people behind them.