Burning Man mental picture

The excitement was rising, the rush on my skin, the tension in my scalp, with each additional step I could feel the blood in my veins flowing faster and faster. The anticipation of something amazing, something astonishing, unknown, something which doesn’t exist were making me dizzy yet made me want to go faster and faster.

Here and there out of complete darkness strange lights were emerging with bizarre colors and shapes, some on the ground, some in the air and some simply moving along with me to somewhere, to nowhere, to there… Hundreds of dark yet colorful silhouettes of people popping out everywhere were joining me for the same cause, going in the same direction.

Destination, you don’t really see it, you feel it, in your gut, it’s like a giant magnet that moves every muscle in your body. You know that the end is near but you also know that that place is nothing but opposite of the end; it’s an entrance into outer space, into nothing and everything. It’s like a giant colorful matter that consumes you entirely, your body, mind, soul, consciousness, your very existence.

You know what’s going to happen and you don’t know what’s going to happen, you are furious and calm at the same time, this sweet confusion and anticipation of the overwhelming happiness is boiling your mind. At the end you barely keep yourself from running. Few more steps and you are finally there…

It’s like someone has turned on the light but in very slow motion. You can see the entire process of surfacing the mythical realm right here before your eyes. From dark to light, from negative to positive, from emptiness to completeness. It’s like growing breathing organism transforms every second into something new.

It takes few minutes to process, to digest, to understand, to believe, to get used to what you see and what you feel… It doesn’t compute in your mind, as you know deep down inside that 2 plus 2 must be 4 and not 375, but you can see it, you can touch it, you can hear it; then you realize that it’s real.

The music like thousand voices comes from everywhere; you are completely surrounded by lights, people, dust, air, feelings and emotions. You have the desire to go everywhere at once, to see everything at the same time. You want to hug the space. You want to consume it.

by Alex Nayberg

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