Open Call for “Burners Speak” Videos

Do you remember that moment when Burning Man changed your life? How do you participate in making Burning Man?

We’re looking for videos under six minutes, shot on or off playa, where you tell your story in the phenomenon called Burning Man.  Just you and the camera, tell your story.


— Video must be under 6 minutes

— Video must be posted on Youtube, Vimeo, BlipTV, Flickr, or another free video hosting platform that allows embedding and linking. Please do NOT email actual video files – host them elsewhere and share the link instead.

— You must have permission/model release from any other featured individuals (besides you) to use their image in your piece. (NOTE: Please be aware of participant privacy, as you would for any public video shot at the event. If you shot video with a personal use registration tag it is okay to use that footage for this project, but if your friends or campmates are recognizable in the video, it’s policy — and really, good etiquette — for you to let them know you now plan to share the footage with a much wider audience than your own friends and family. If you can’t manage to contact recognizable individuals in your shots, use other footage instead).

— By posting and submitting your film/video for this Video Call, you agree to let Burning Man share (and possibly excerpt or remix) your work for “Burning Man related video projects”.

— All submissions must be sent to with a working URL link and a credit list by December 1, 2011.

— Content containing nudity, violence, copyrighted materials or illegal acts will not be considered.

Winning Submissions will be announced in 2012. We will celebrate on Playa and beyond!! Lights…camera…Action!

About the author: Rosalie Fay Barnes

Rosalie Fay Barnes

Rosalie Barnes works year round in San Francisco as the Senior Project Manager for the Government Relations & Legal Affairs Department of Black Rock City, LLC. During the Burning Man event, Rosalie is part of the External Relations Team, a program that gives tours of the art and infrastructure of Black Rock City to visiting officials and cultural ambassadors. Rosalie received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Brandeis University and in 2009, she received a double Masters from Harvard, focusing on Technology, Media and Learning. She first participated in Burning Man in 2000, and came to work for the Man in 2009.