Sometimes Special Things Happen By Chance

One day while we were branding- I think it was the next day after it opened to all -(We have early arrival for setup) Someone came to our camp and had an extra burning man ticket and asked us if we knew anyone who could use it..It was designated to me and so I got on a bike and headed out to Will Call.

They let me pass through the gate and I literally pedaled almost a mile and a half in search of someone.

There on the side of the dusty road as all the vehicles packed in inched along – was a girl holding a sign saying “Please God- help me find a ticket!” As I spoke with her, I found out that she had been there for almost two days in her hope to get into burning man.

As is with the burners we all have come to know, she had a genuine. positive and beautiful energy! So I pulled the ticket out and said, “My name is Chance – and sometimes special things happen by Chance” – and I pulled the ticket out for her.

She started crying-jumping up and down and hugged me with the love we all know from Burning Man.

People were honking their horns for her as she screamed and waved her ticket.

She climbed into a car as I pedaled back to camp to tell my Swagmart campmates about our special moment.

by Chance from Swagmart

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