i once was lost, but now i’m found

My name is Hummingbird….it was my virgin year on the Playa this year. Everything I did, everything I saw, and everyone I met….was all so incredible. I could never fully explain my journey in Black Rock City.

My most epic, memorable moment….was during a day party at Distrikt. There was an animal….maybe Giraffe-like art car parked there, and it had a reeeeally long nose. Everyone was playing a ring toss game on it. Throwing mini hoops to make them around the nose of the art car. Now…I am the type of person to watch others try the game first, so I might create some type of strategy.

There was a guy who had been trying to make a ring around that nose for probably close to an HOUR….and he just could not friggin get it. He kept throwing it to the right of the car, hitting bikes, or to the left of the car, almost knocking people out with hoops!

It was so hilarious…and entertaining…but I really was rooting for him! So after about his 100th miss…lol…I realized he needed some motivation. I had a honey stick which was gifted to me from the Bee Keeper at the Honey Dome camp. I asked the guy if he liked honey…he said “yes”…so I gave him the honey stick, told him that if he ate the honey, it would give him the strength and focus to make that friggin ring on that nose!!! So….he ate the honey stick, and MADE THE NEXT SHOT!!!! he was SO happy….he rolled around on the playa, and jumped up and gave me a huuuge hug! I was so happy for him!

Next…I decided it was my turn to have a go at the game. I was having a difficult time, myself! It was much harder than it looked. After missing, I’m not really sure how many times, a VERY attractive man in a red cowboy hat came over to me and told me I had beautiful hair, and he gave me this awesome fire-color, beaded necklace that he made (it was the only gift he made, and brought to Burning Man to give to one person he felt deserved it, and would really appreciate it), so I picked up a ring, threw it in the air….AND I MADE THE RING ON THE NOSE!!!!!! I believe that my honey gift helped that guy make his shot…and I also believe that the necklace I was given helped me make my shot. Playa Magic is REAL, people!!!

Gifting goes such a long way….deeper than thoughts…deeper than the heart….it goes beyong anything anyone can imagine. These memories…and all the others I have stored in my mind, heart and soul….will be with me forever. Thank you Burning Man, and all Burners for everything. <3

by Hummingbird

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