Expectations / Reality / Flipping the Switch

#1. “Expectations”

Our Black Rock City Campsite:
With its Emberglow exterior
Hot, Mysterious, Sirenic
Soft-bodied drape and flow into

The Dark, Shady Place –
Our Shade Core
a Touchstone Space
a Renewal Site
Cool, blue-green shelter
A private, restful portal to our…

Deep Camp –
Scheherazade Tent
Lush, Plump, Furry mounds of Fuzzy Flame-colored Pillows,
Chinese lanterns, Orange seventies high/low carpet:
Our Sacred and wombishly Yoniverse

#2. “Reality”

Like a sobbing bride standing alone at the altar
She wishes herself to the lacy temple for a
Sanctified Revirgined Do-Over.

#3. “Flipping the Switch”

I let myself be danced into this new day:
Do-Over Day
I live in Nowcamp
I am enough
Suddenly reignited by wonder
Life is a Playa-eye-gazing puja with
Everyburners everywhere
My dance is a throbbing, womb-based lightshow
All sparkles and twinkles
of Curiosity
I’m el-wired
Pulsing with Playasensuality
Laser Lightstrings attach to each cell of my yoni
through my Rainbowlit Chakraself
Relaxed, Responsive, Authentic –
Even Photogenic –
I’m my Soul-Sourced
Expansive light-being-best:
This is Burning Man.

by Cavelle

About the author: Tales From the Playa

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