Visit “Aurora” in Palo Alto through Summer 2015

Do you remember “Aurora” from Burning Man 2011? This beautiful LED sculpture of a willow tree, with opalescent bark and shiny copper leaves has been installed at Palo Alto City Hall since November 2013. This was a joint effort by the artist Charles Gadeken, Aurora Kids grassroots campaign, Kickstarter donors, Black Rock Arts Foundation, and the Palo Alto Public Art Commission (PAAC.) We have just learned that its placement has been extended by the PAAC for the summer of 2015!

Aurora in front of Palo Alto City Hall, 2013 (photo by Jason Chinn)
“Aurora the Willow” by Charles Gadeken in front of Palo Alto City Hall, 2013 (photo by Jason Chinn)

Now … how can you help?

  • Take advantage of beautiful weather nights to visit Aurora in Palo Alto this summer! Use our new interactive smartphone app, an innovation since Burning Man 2011, to control the color changes and patterns on the tree.
  • If you are a Palo Alto resident, tell the Palo Alto PAC how much you have enjoyed Aurora’s installation.
  • Donate to Aurora Palo Alto to help fund the de-installation process — cranes cost money!
  • Contact Charles Gadeken if you have an idea for an event showing, public art opportunity, or private collector opportunity for Aurora.

Many thanks from Charles Gadeken and the Aurora crew!