The Gift of Giving Gifts to Give

The holiday season can be an amazing opportunity to practice Gifting. Or it can be a depressing display of Gifting losing its magic.

When mutual gifting is mandatory…it can feel like a transaction.

Luckily, there are more and more examples being shared of giving gifts that are actually gifts for the recipient to give away. This is a beautiful way to turn the holiday madness upside down and return to amazing Gifting experiences like the ones we treasure so much on the Playa. In this video I discuss a recent viral video that embraces Gifting and share a couple last minute “Pay it Forward” gifts that don’t require a trip to the mall. (Please share other ideas in the comments!)

About the author: John "Halcyon" Styn


Halcyon is a 21-year Burning Man participant and co-founder of Pink Heart camp. He is author of "Love more. Fear less." and producer of the Burning Man short film, "The Pink Path." He's won Webby awards for his over-the-top personal site & his "Love On Demand" video podcast Halcyon co-founded the San Diego based "1st Saturdays" homeless outreach program based on Burning Man Principles and coaches people how to be radically self expressed in the default world. You can find his full Playa Tips & Tricks series at