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Adam Rubin (he/him) is a psychedelic risk reduction activist and crisis counselor. He has devoted his life to supporting others experiencing extreme states of consciousness and creating safety systems at events where people might choose to ingest a psychedelic substance. He has worked over 45 events around the world since 2015—with many different organizations including the Zendo Project, White Bird Rock Med, RGX Medical, and Take 3 Presents—as well as manages his own teams. He offers trainings to peer support volunteers, local psychedelic communities, and event medical and security teams in attempts to bring deeper understandings around effective ways to support people undergoing challenging psychedelic experiences. He has also written a series of free zines titled “The It’s Okay Psychedelic Harm Reduction Series." Adam is a co-founder and the Support Line Director at Fireside Project — Psychedelic Peer Support Line.

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