This will do a sanity check, and if everything works, it will save the contents into a database table, as well as your upload.

Note that:

  • it MUST be a CSV file (not an xlsx file)
  • the first two lines of the template have to be there
  • the following fields are mandatory: first name, department, email, is credentialed, need laminate, meal option, shower access and arrival date
  • the deparment has to be one of the following:
    • ESD Communications
    • ESD Fire
    • ESD Medical
    • ESD Mental Health
    • ESD Operations
    • Gate, Perimeter and Exodus
    • Rangers
  • the ‘is credentialed’, ‘need laminate’, and ‘shower access’ fields must be either Y or N
  • meal option must be one of the following:
    • None
    • Pre-Event
    • Post-Event
    • During Event
    • Pre-Event & Post-Event
    • Pre-Event & During Event
    • During Event and Post-Event
    • Eat it All
  • arrival date must be of the form MM/DD/YY and YY must be 13 and MM must be 08
  • email must be unique across everybody’s uploads (these are personnel records, after all)