Consider Your Impact

The “Consider Your Impact” series tells stories that explore our community’s known and lesser-known effects on not just the Black Rock Desert itself, but the world around us as well. We hope it will raise awareness and inspire you to, well, consider your impact. Hence the name.


  • Consider Your Impact: Perspective from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

    As part of our Consider Your Impact series, we hear directly from people affected by Burners passing through local communities en route to and from Black Rock City. …Read More
  • Answering the Million Dollar Question: Where Do I Take My Trash After Burning Man?

    So now it’s Monday. Time to leave Black Rock City. And here comes the hard part. I mean, it’s been difficult all along — Burning Man’s no walk in the park — but now you and your campmates are entirely cracked out, utterly exhausted, and deeply playafied. Your psyche feels like it’s been stripped clean …Read More
  • A Semi-Hyperbolic, Rapid-Fire Crash Course in MOOP

    Here’s kind of a mind-blowing thought: there is a finite amount of matter in the universe. Yep, while things might be out of sight and out of mind, the reality is that nothing ever disappears, it just changes form, or moves somewhere else. It’s kind of wonderful if you think about it — nothing is …Read More
  • Burn the Man, Not Your Camp: Five Tips for Doing Fuel Storage Right!

    ***Updated to reflect 2024 Fuel Storage Requirements*** Did you know that you can be issued a citation by the Bureau of Land Management if your fuel is stored directly on the playa or too close to your trailer? Yes, it is at the BLM’s discretion to cite you for any fuel storage issues, which would …Read More
  • Kneecap That Impact

    Haters are gonna hate, and Burning Man haters are gonna hate on Burners’ environmental hypocrisy. And you know what? They’re not entirely wrong. I’m here to come clean and admit it. It’s true: while we preach Leaving No Trace and all the environmental consciousness hoodie-ha (and we’re legit working towards a sustainable future), Black Rock …Read More
  • Hold My Beer …

    Yeah yeah, we get it. We’re all free spirits. We’re especially free in Black Rock City, right? That’s great. And we totally get that palpable excitement en route to the playa, as we’re about to drop into one of the most amazing gatherings of free spirits on the planet — it’s just so hard to …Read More
  • The World May Well Be Held Together by an Eyeglass Screw

    My gaze swung languidly across the barren ground like a sauntering elephant’s trunk. I was scanning the playa surface for the umpteen-thousandth time, when my Zen reverie was disrupted by a pattern change. [It’s all about pattern changes, you see. You’re not really looking for Matter Out of Place (MOOP) per se, you’re actually just …Read More
  • Consider Your Impact. You Might Be Surprised.

    I was driving in my neighborhood recently, when a particular billboard caught my eye. Two versions of SpiderMan from different multiverses are engaged in what appears to be a pretty intense conversation, while crouched atop some high perch overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge (as one does). The original SpiderMan (Peter Parker) is telling his young prodigy/alternative-universe …Read More