From the Desk of Charlie Dolman

Dispatches to Black Rock City citizens from Event Operations Director Charlie “Louder” Dolman. Doing It Right™ starts here.


Take a Moment to Tell Us About Your Burn! (July 2023)
Calling all 2023 Black Rock citizens!


Who Are YOU? (October 14)
Fill out the 2022 Census!


Welcome home! (July 29)
Real, Radical-Radical Inclusion

Do your part to keep Nevada Beautiful! (August 5)
Let’s talk trash!

We value you, not what you have (August 12)
A few words about Decommodification

Don’t make me stop this car (August 22)
It’s almost time to hit playa


Doing the right thing is the new doing it right (July 13)
The Man burns in 50 days!

Must we kill the thing we love? (July 23)
Friends don’t let friends exploit Burning Man

At Burning Man, it’s not all about you (August 2)
Consent isn’t silence, it’s an enthusiastic “Yes!”

It’s the little things… (August 15)
Oh, the places you could go!

Please… take the time to read this one (August 24)
This is important for our community.


It’s all about YOU at Burning Man (May 24)
Burning Man, it’s on like Donkey Kong

You might want to read the back of your ticket (June 6)
I’m baaack…

How YOU can be a VIP at Burning Man (June 21)
Advil’s in the candy bowl, we must be getting close…

Pro tip: Never let it hit the ground (July 13)
Always. Be. MOOPing.

“God damn it, you’ve got to be kind” (July 27)
Douche canoes need not apply

If you only open ONE email from me, this is the one. (August 8)
You got this.