Using The Burning Man Image Gallery Shortcode

This is the plugin that makes it possible to use images in the media gallery within your blog posts by using a WordPress shortcode. It was implemented by Resource Space, the vendor responsible for the

Here are some example shortcodes for using the legacy gallery URL:

  • [bmimgs width=250]][/bmimgs]
  • [bmimgs width=250 url=”″[/bmimgs]

Or you can use the ResourceSpace ID directly:

  • [bmimgs ref=’22689’][/bmimgs]

Options descriptions:

  • ref=[int]
  • watermark=[string] Default is none, can also be “both”, “footer” or “extended”
  • height=[int] Default 0 (ignored), the maximum height in pixels
  • width=[int] Default 0 (ignored), the minimum width
  • upscale=[string] Default false, if true, then the image will be allowed to resize larger than the original
  • cropx=[int]
  • cropy=[int]
  • cropw=[int]
  • croph=[int] If all four crop options do not equal zero, crop is performed sized to w,h starting at x,y (after resize if applicable)
  • align=[string] left|right|center
  • caption=[string] true|false
  • link=[string] true|false|full (default false). If “true”, generates a link to the media gallery, if “full”, generates a link to the full-size image

Example use of the old-style gallery URL:

[bmimgs caption=’Really Pretty Sky’][/bmimgs]

Really Pretty Sky

Really Pretty Sky

Example use of the Resource Space ID:

[bmimgs caption=’Really Pretty Sky’ ref=’38546’][/bmimgs]

Really Pretty Sky

Really Pretty Sky