The Silver Seed Tour of America

From May 1 to July 31, 2001, Danger Ranger (aka Michael Mikel) drove across America in the “Silver Seed”, a 30-year old RV styled as a self-contained theme camp enclosed in an aluminum skin. His mission was “to redistribute gifts and, by so doing, reconnect participants in Burning Man with one another.”


Burners were encouraged to take what they’d learned from their Burning Man experience, to organize with friends and fellow Burners, and to be ready to greet him as he passed through town.

Danger Ranger’s trip included stops in 21 states, starting on the Black Rock Desert, onward through the Southwestern states, then northward to New York, westward through Middle America, across the Rocky Mountains to the Northwest states, and back down the coast to California — and then to the Black Rock Desert in time for Burning Man 2001.

Along this route he explored “the crossroads, outposts and obscure recesses of our dispersed community,” providing a survey of who and what we are.

Enjoy Danger Ranger’s Silver Seed Tour of America.

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