Came with no idea… left with LOVE

To this day its hard explain what happened to me at Burning Man. Simple but hard. My best friend “BIG DADDY” told me I belonged there and that I had to go. The year prior to the 2002 Burn was one of the toughest times in my life.

I had a ticket, costume and a place to rest my head and I decided not to go. With all the pressures of life and who I am it just made more sense to stay home. I’m glad BIG DADDY talked me out of it. I came with the mindset of “whatever happens, happens” what did really happen?… On Tuesday I met the other half of me.

For seven days, I felt like I was back at summer camp, finding that summer fling and being “SEXY DUSTY KITTIES” all over the Playa. It was bliss, beautiful, comforting and real. It was very different. We danced all night long, slept in the day, met up at sun down, and played till sun up. Saw and experienced many things, felt so much love, peace and happiness. In retrospect… we were at our “dating” phase. I had no clue what he did for a living, didn’t care, had no idea where he came from, didn’t care, didn’t know if I was ever going to see him again… didn’t care… I was going to put the entire experience in my heart and cherish it forever.

Then the depression of leaving the playa hit home. What do I say? What do we do? I didn’t really say or do much… we left with the exchange of phone numbers and a look that melted me inside and out. I came back to Orange County and he back to the Bay area on Wednesday… he was at my home in Southern California by that Friday.

It is now close to Valentines Day 2003 and I am sharing it with my other half. We are “The same, but different” We shine, we laugh, we play like DUSTY KITTIES all day long. From what I hear it’s hard to keep the Man alive during the year, not at my house. I can honestly say I found love on the Playa. Real love, the kind that makes you want to become a better person, the kind that makes you feel woozy all the time. The kind that moves you. I am so glad I went and got to experience something so rare and real. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life. This year I will spend my one-year anniversary with him on the Playa… celebrating with the rest of our family. That was my first time.

by Mandy

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