Burners Without Borders – Report from the Field

Biloxi, Mississippi

We are still working really hard down here. Tuesday night, we had our biggest group yet stay on the temple grounds. A group of 3 www.ReliefSpark.org members arrived with a huge truckload of supplies. They were 10000 lbs overweight! On their cross-country journey here, they blew out 3 tires because of the heavy load. Also staying with us Tuesday night was a group of 3 independent filmmakers from Berkeley and a group of 5 or 6 random volunteers who helped us unload the truck. Our on site chef, Seth, kicked out another tremendous meal that left all of us rubbing our bellies. Every night, he dishes up a new gourmet meal. Thanks Seth. You rock!

Yesterday, Shawn and I traveled to Crowley, LA to pick up 5000 lbs of rice. I had no idea that it was 160 miles away. Always check a map before agreeing to go somewhere. It took us most of the day to accomplish this. The people in the community are STOKED.

Richard is talking to fellow burners daily who are considering coming here to volunteer. It’s great to hear that so many people are willing to sacrifice. He has done a fantastic job of assuming the role of volunteer coordinator. He is really holding this whole thing together.

We are very close to getting the electrical permit from the city of Biloxi. Once we have this we can install the insulation and dry wall in the temple. I can’t wait to see the temple with walls.

The weather here has turned much cooler. Last night it drizzled all night long. This morning temps were in the lower 60s. It’s not expected to get above 70 today (YEAH). It will remain cool for the next few days.

Spirits are still very high. Our group is working in a lot of different directions with the common goal of helping people who really need it. This is one of the best groups I have ever worked with doing anything. We all feel personally rewarded. I can’t tell you how good it feels!

The idea of Kamp Katrina at BM 2006 has been tossed around. Any sponsors or takers?

About the author: Tom Price

Tom Price

Tom Price is the former Executive Director of Black Rock Solar. Prior to that he was the Environmental Manager for Burning Man during the Green Man theme, and was in the Gulf Coast for six months during the genesis of Burners Without Borders. He's been attending Burning Man since 1997, and he's proud to say that his decade plus streak of breaking down from sun stroke on the playa on day three remains intact.