Nearly Naked-ist

Burning Man brought out my inner “nearly naked-ist”!

Let me explain. Burning Man 2006 was the first time for my husband and me. We went there with our friends, Kimberley and Robert, who are veteran burners. They also happen to be nudists, but they did not expect us to be. Having grown up in a Catholic household in the Midwest, I never felt a desire to walk around completely naked in front of anyone but my own husband.

In preparing for Burning Man, we had seen many photos and heard many stories. It was not at all surprising to be greeted by a gentleman in a T-shirt and boots and nothing on in between. It was also not surprising to see a woman carrying a parasol to shade her bare breasts. What was surprising was how much I wanted to take my own clothes off! How shocking for someone who didn’t even lose her virginity until she was 20!

I had packed all kinds of outfits, panties and bras included. Luckily for me, Kimberley had some mesh tops, ruffly panties and sheer silky blouses I could borrow. After Day 1, the only bra I did wear was a black, lacy see thru I had brought “just for fun.” And it was! Though going completely naked was not my style, being “nearly naked” was totally within my comfort zone.

At first, I thought it was the heat or that I was just getting swept up in the spirit of Burning Man. But then it just started to feel good to be free of constricting clothes. Probably the biggest driving force was the fact that I never once felt objectified at Burning Man. I never felt like I was being ogled or that anyone was staring at my breasts (something that happens often in the default world). In a word, I felt comfortable. Comfortable with my body and comfortable with what I was wearing.

To be honest, it was flattering to be in my forties and past my prime, yet hear men much younger than me yell out “You’re beautiful!” as I walked past their campsites. That’s just Burning Man I guess!

All I know is Burning Man has made me feel much less self-conscious about my body and in fact, allowed me to be proud of it and show it off. I got back from Burning Man and wanted to throw out all my old clothes and start again-this time with “nearly naked” in mind!

by jlv

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