Playa Magic

Sitting on the playa awaiting the temple burn, I noticed the person next to me, English John, click something in his hand and say quietly to himself, “Now this is deserving of a magic moment designation.”

Noting my curiosity, he leaned over and said, “When I first got here my friend Toby gave me this counter, and asked me to click it for every magic moment I experienced.” I asked, “What’s the number at now?” to which he responded, “About 150!” We both sorta laughed and he began clicking it several times rapidly, then said, in a full-on Brit accent “Christ! You could click it a thousand times….every second….every breath is a magic moment!”

As we pondered that thought for a moment, the person sitting in front of John, Simeon, having overheard our conversation, leaned back and said, “Yeah but…John…when you click it…are you counting the magic moments, or are you creating them?”

by Mercy Mee

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Tales From the Playa

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