Let’s Begin


Well hi there. You’ve come to the right place. We’re quite sure of that. If you were in the wrong place, you’d probably know.
So now that we know that you’re right and they are wrong, let’s get down to it.
First off, some introductions are probably in order. My name is Timmmii. I’m a human, much like most of you reading. I come from a land far, far away, but I managed to escape that land and find myself in this place, where I am right now.

More importantly, I’m a big fan of this thing called Burning Man. You may have heard of it. Burning Man is this unbelievably amazing event that happens but once a year out in the Black Rock Desert. For just one week. But people plan for it year round.

My addiction to Burning Man began in 1999, when I was a wee, innocent lad filled with an overwhelming desire to seek out new and wondrous adventures with new and wondrous people.

Within days, I was hooked. At long last, I had found others like me that were weird, creative, spontaneous and friendly. Just being there witnessing this creativity in action is both humbling and inspiring. Creativity breeds more creativity.

And hence, this is why Burning Man continues to entice more and more people every year to pack up a week’s worth of food, water, shelter and belongings and make the arduous journey to the Nevada desert.

If you’ve been to Burning Man before, you know that preparation for the event can take a long time. And if you haven’t been to Burning Man before, well, now you know. Preparation is the key to happiness for the duration of your stay in Black Rock City.

And this is why we’re launching this brand new blog, to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared.
Even if you’ve been to Burning Man before, you may find much of this information helpful. If nothing else, these are relevant reminders to help you assimilate properly once you arrive onsite.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all preachy on you. Your Burning Man experience is reliant on you and your participation.
Instead, I’ll be relaying handy tips to remember based on my own experiences – and mistakes!

Burning Man 2007 is coming up fast! And soon we’ll all be back home in Black Rock City. Get ready. And be ready. It’s all happening.


About the author: timmmii

Tim was not born on a bayou, but he wishes he had, as that would be more romantic. Tim is a writer, editor, picky eater, lighter of some fluids, co-founder of Fireside Storytelling, wannabe statistician, avid bicyclist, host of the radio show Down The Well w/ Timmmii on RadioValencia.fm, fighter, loud, and Burning Man maven since 1999. Tim has other talents too but he prefers to leave you guessing.

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