Trash it

More thoughts from Molly Golightly:

A trash can with a lid is the number one way to prevent moop. Tying a trash bag to your shade structure, RV or art car is like making a flag filled with garbage. The wind is going to find that bag — and pretty soon paper towels, wet wipes, hair balls and other hard-to-catch nasties will go flying. Having a trash setup will come in handy with the inevitable food explosions and toiletry meltdowns.

You don’t need an enormous trash can; smaller bags will keep the stink down and make it easier to hand off trash to campmates. It’s easily tucked out of the way to prevent it from becoming a public trash can. A locking plastic storage bin works well too. You can use the empty can to pack stuff in and out of Black Rock City. I’ve found old-school metal ones (think Oscar The Grouch, only smaller) work best in windy conditions. Be sure the lid is locked and there is enough weight in the can to keep it from flying — keep your mallet or other heavy things you won’t use throughout the week in the bottom, under the bag, to keep things grounded.

About the author: Tom Price

Tom Price

Tom Price is the former Executive Director of Black Rock Solar. Prior to that he was the Environmental Manager for Burning Man during the Green Man theme, and was in the Gulf Coast for six months during the genesis of Burners Without Borders. He's been attending Burning Man since 1997, and he's proud to say that his decade plus streak of breaking down from sun stroke on the playa on day three remains intact.