So What’s The Deal On Arrival?

Arrival - Photo by Heather Gallagher (CameraGirl), 2005,

This is my big bad meanie post to help you remember shite you’re supposed to, like, obey.

Pardon me while i temporarily step out of character and get all macho on you. I mean, at least I’m not saying “I was young, I needed the work.”

For the vast majority of you reading this, there is no such thing as arriving early. It’s a fanciful fantasy, a vicious pre-playa rumor concocted by rumor mongrels that roam the low seas of the the outer playa, just because they can.

Burning Man begins at 12:01 a.m., Monday, August 27. No ifs, ands, buts — or even whens. Yessir and Yes’m, that’s when it starts. That one whole minute after the midnight hour on that one Monday.

So please don’t even bother the gate crew. They have enough crap to deal with. They’re extra-severely-outta-control busy.

I’m sure you can relate. In fact, I’m betting you’re freaking out a bit right now trying to figure out how the hell you’re going to fit all that stuff into your Yugo, the Ishtar of cars. And when you leaving? Righto, that busy!

If you arrive early, you’ll be turned away at the gate and promptly be sent back to Reno. Do you really want to head back on down the road to Reno?

Do you really, honestly, and like, for real, want to feel dejected too?

We didn’t think so. And when i say “we,” i mean the collective we plus I and you. But we digress …

There are two whole oh-so-tiny groups of people who are allowed to arrive earlier than when the gates officially open.

It’s a safe bet you already know you who you are if you’re arriving early.

Hi there.
But for the benefit of the extra-large-majority masses rest of ya, we’ll explain what the different early arrival statuses mean, just so there’s no confusion and everything happens the way it’s supposed to.

Everything can be beautiful, see?

Early Arrival – The only persons allowed to enter as Early Arrivals are those on work crews at Burning Man.

Your name MUST be on a list at the gate for you to enter. Just like a guestlist at a concert, if you’re name’s not on the list, you ain’t getting in.

And unlike at a concert, the only names on that list are work crews who really do have to be there to build the city … so flirting with the peeps at the gate is only going to make things worse. They’ve seen it all. Don’t bother.

They might get mad and stuff. And you really don’t want to see them angry.

Got it?

Weekend Arrival – Persons who have been granted Weekend Arrival status are members of a registered theme camp who have been pre-arranged through their theme camp’s liaison to receive one of that camp’s “Weekend Arrival” passes.

This barcode access pass is required to enter during the weekend prior to Burning Man (except for those folks on work crews who will still be using lists for their access).

Again, if you’ve been granted Weekend Arrival, you already know who you are and have one of these from your theme camp liaison. Otherwise, no additional people will be allowed in early.

Please, if you are not in one of these two categories, do not plan to arrive in Black Rock City before the gates open. We hate having to turn you away after a long drive.

Plus, we really don’t want to see you cry. Really sucks, actually.

It gets uncomfortable.

see, now everything just feels a bit better.

we all feel a bit more informed.

We, and i, can’t wait to see your smiling faces on the playa — after 12:01 a.m., Monday, August 27, of course!

Don’t cry, dry your eye.


About the author: timmmii

Tim was not born on a bayou, but he wishes he had, as that would be more romantic. Tim is a writer, editor, picky eater, lighter of some fluids, co-founder of Fireside Storytelling, wannabe statistician, avid bicyclist, host of the radio show Down The Well w/ Timmmii on, fighter, loud, and Burning Man maven since 1999. Tim has other talents too but he prefers to leave you guessing.

11 Comments on “So What’s The Deal On Arrival?

  • Bert says:

    So, what’s the deal with Early Arrival ??
    We got the Email saying our request was received.
    We got the Email saying that our 4 passes would be sent.
    (But they didn’t say how, Email, mail, etc).
    I get back in town, confident that the is true to it’s word, and there are no passes, and no one to contact about the passes.

    One more person trying to play by the rules, that gets shafted by the

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  • mayavin says:

    what of the set-apart, the stargazers, the nazir…

    each time i look upon the sun, it is always the same day.

    and i can see it from here, when i can see it at all.

    tell me what day it is on the sun,
    and i’ll consider

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  • Brian Gowdey says:

    I understand the event starts at 12:01am. I know this was for BM 2008 so I’ll assume it is the same time but rather on August 31, 2009. When does everyone star leaving the event and how long does it usually take for the exodus out of the desert? I just need to plan my return flight from Reno.


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  • John says:

    What about late arrivals? Is there any problem with arriving on the weekend following the opening of Burning Man if we have tickets?

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  • sherry terpstra says:

    looking for esd medical scheduling web site for early arrival shifts. my phone# 775-577-2174 and or

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  • I think there’s nothing to deal with.
    Maybe they have their reason about what happen.
    All what you need is too understand all the situation
    specially when all those reason is given.
    I think the solution is schedule making,
    so that everything is organize and schedule is manageable.

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  • So please don’t even bother the gate crew. They have enough crap to deal with. They’re extra-severely-outta-control busy.

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  • Alureon says:

    Early arrival or weekend arrival I think doesn’t matter. As long as the person arrived. Understanding what happened in a broader and wider view takes out the big deal in it. Things just happen all the time.

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  • Celia says:

    Hi ! What about late arrivals? Is there any problem with arriving on the 26th pm if we have tickets? or on the 27th ? Are they only “open hours” as I read ?

    Thank you in advance for your answer !

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