YAYYYY! (And you can, too!)

We got this note from a Burner named Janet (note: Happy Birthday, Janet!) this morning and we’re grinning from ear to ear. What’s a YAY!? Click the link to see this sweet little photo story and find out for yourself.

My campmates from Figment Slums/Figmint Cafe invented this a few years ago, and it’s a Burning Man tradition with them. In 2010, our next door neighbors took up the cry. YAY!

Now we’re spreading it to the default world. We’ve done it twice in Tucson, and once in Santa Cruz. YAY!
Playa love and joy spreading on the streets!
If you decide to try this where you live, don’t forget to bring a camera and tell us about it!

About the author: Andie Grace

Andie Grace

Andie Grace returned to the staff of Burning Man in 2019 as a producer of strategic storytelling content. During her original tenure at BMHQ from 2000-2013, she was a member of the Executive Committee, managed the Communications Department, and helped oversee the early development of the Regional Network. During her seven-year hiatus, she co-founded an indie film distribution label, an indie video game label, and a creative coworking hub in Silicon Valley, but ultimately her passion for Burning Man and its cultural future pulled her back to the staff of the Project. She lives with her family in Berkeley, California.

10 Comments on “YAYYYY! (And you can, too!)

  • Janet says:

    YAY! YAY! This makes my birthdaYAY! Thank you for the best present ever!

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  • Andromeda says:

    This is great! I was part of the camp from “next-door” who took up the cry and we had SO MUCH FUN with this! It was great to just spread the positive energy (as if there wasn’t just so much flowing already!) We have talked about taking it back to Reality Camp but just haven’t gotten to it yet. I am so happy that it has been taken back to the default world.

    That’s it. I’m calling up my camp-mates and we’re getting another YAY-off going. :)

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  • Sean Makiney says:

    As part of Camp Yay last year I approve this message. Yay!!!!!

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  • Janet says:

    Andromeda! We loved hearing you guys YAY!ing ovewr there for hours and hours and hours. JOY! YAY!

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  • Jason says:

    This reminds me of a guy in Berkeley that used to stand on Shattuck avenue every morning chearing on all the people that drove past. “Have a GOOD day!” he’d yell. I was lucky enough to pass him on my way to work every day, and he always cheered me up. It really changed my whole view on how easy it is to help other people.

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  • Marlene says:

    This is like when you’re driving along and a complete stranger just waves to you…but way better. I’m always amazed how good a little wave can make me feel. I think if I got Yayed at, I’d have to stop and join them.

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  • Charles D. Prokopp says:

    A fine idea. As a Tucsonan, I’ll have a “YAY” painted on the side of my Teardrop trailer for this year’s Burn. See you at Anonymous Village.

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  • Stephanie L. says:

    In inspiration/honor of this, my running partner and I have named our racing duo for various adventure events “Team YAY”! We loved the concept and hope people will participate while we run.

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