Dr. Dre vs. Larry Harvey in Thunderdome: 2011

In response to the very cogent argument that Dr. Dre started Burning Man, our friend Dasha at BMHQ says:

In the Aftermath of the blog post indicating that

Dr. Dre started Burning Man

those of us at BMHQ are On The Boulevard trying to set the story straight.

I mean,

What’s the Difference between Larry Harvey and Dr. Dre? You Got Me Open

to answer on that one! It’s clear that there’s plenty of Sexy Dance

at Burning Man and with Dre, and frankly

The Next Episode of this could be played out at the Thunderdome

in Black Rock City.

For us, really, it’s all Been There Done That…we figure

it’ll all come out in The Wash, but we are sure of one thing:

Burning Man will be as Xplosive as ever in 2011.

All my California Love:

~ Dasha G.

About the author: Dasha G. LeCorre

Dasha is the deus ex machina of Burning Man's San Francisco office staff, working tirelessly behind the scenes to propagate Burning Man culture.

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