Compression! Art and Fire, this weekend in Reno

Evening crowd shot from the Cal Neva parking garage during Compression 2010. Photo by Bill Kositzky

Reno is blowin’ up. Living here right now is highly exciting, despite the recession that just won’t die. We may not be rich, but we Reno dwellers have great art at our fingertips and Burning Man culture up the wazoo. Who needs money when you’ve got art and fire?

For years now, the City of Reno has been working with BRAF to exhibit Black Rock City’s best artworks. This month, the Spire of Fire is in place and will be lighting up every Tuesday night as part of Artown, Reno’s month-long art festival.

Vulcan Crew performing at Compression 2010. Photo by Playarazzi.

Also part of Artown is the fourth annual Compression! Art and Fire festival, taking place this Saturday 7/23. It’s a day-long showcase of fire, dance, aerial performances and music, smack dab in the middle of town (City Plaza, 1st & Virginia). This year’s lineup features international belly dance star Amy Sigil, performing with Unmata. Another must-see: Vulcan Crew, fire dancers from the Bay Area who’ve put on incredible shows every year of Compression.

The show starts at 3pm and winds up at 10:30 with a massive dance party hosted by Black Rock City All-Stars. Bring your kids and costumes, leave your booze at home.

One of the best things about Compression and Artown are that they’re free and family-friendly. Like I said, economic times are tough in Northern Nevada. Being able to go out and have fun without spending money makes a big difference. To keep Compression free, event organizer Gemini and every single person contributing to the event is volunteering their time. Nobody makes a dime; the idea is just to share art and fire with anybody who wants it. Last year, over 5,000 people wanted it. This year, Gemini’s expecting even more.

Speaking of free and sharing, I’ll be hosting a Burning Man costume swap during Compression! It’s a collaboration with local fashion blogger Dusty Couture, our way of helping you look fabulous without spending any money.

Cross the street from Compression to the Good Luck Macbeth Theater (119 Virginia) between 3 and 6pm, Saturday 7/23, and bring your old costumes to swap. Entry is free with a clothing donation, and you can leave with something awesomely new-to-you. Come early, because we’ll have some brand new, never-worn items and a few custom pieces made by Dusty just for you.

See you this weekend, Reno!

Dusty and The Hun, wearing just a few of the costumes we’ll be giving away this weekend.

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