the Temple gets a (big) lift

The Temple started its ascent towards the heavens this morning, as a 120-foot crane arrived and started stacking the component pieces of the main tower.

It was a complicated and delicate operation, and the preparations for it have been long and intense. It’s no casual bit of engineering going on out here. When the gates open, the Temple of Transition will consist of an intricately decorated 12-story tower,  surrounded by five smaller towers. It’s an amazing space being created in an amazing place.

Boom lifts surrounded the main tower, as the huge crane lowered the first piece atop the main tower. The crew adjusted the placement and then made sure it was level before attaching it to the tower base.


From the ground, and framed by one of the openings from another tower, the second story of the central tower was secured into place.


About the author: John Curley

John Curley (that's me) has been Burning since the relatively late date of 2004, and in 2008 I spent the better part of a month on the playa, documenting the building and burning of Black Rock City in words and pictures. I loved it, and I've been doing it ever since. I was a newspaper person in a previous life, and I spent many years at the San Francisco Chronicle. At the time I left, in 2007, I was the deputy managing editor in charge of Page One and the news sections of the paper. Since then, I've turned a passion for photography into a second career. I shoot for editorial, commercial and private clients. I've also taught a little bit, including two years at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and a year at San Francisco State University. I live on the San Mateo coast, just south of San Francisco in California.

14 Comments on “the Temple gets a (big) lift

  • AdrenaC says:

    Wow!!! It’s going to be the most amazing Temple yet…beats any church I’ve ever set foot in. Kiwi, you set the bar high.

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  • BustinJustin says:

    AdrenaC, you need to visit more churches.

    But it is amazing! can’t wait to see it in person!!!

    Nice work!

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  • Rini says:

    The temple looks fantastic!!! Can’t wait to see it!

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  • mark says:

    fantastic job everyone

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  • Joanna Sunshine says:

    I read that it is so large that people have been worried it might overshadow the other installations in that area of the playa, as some people felt Basura Sagrada did in ’08. I have to disagree though, the Temple of Transition looks so natural on the playa in that first photo… It’s going to be perfect. :) Kudos to the temple crew!

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  • Samsa Lila says:

    At least this “overshadowing” will be in a more balanced spot at 12:00, and is a beautiful Temple. Being at 12:00 will promote balance to the open playa. The only thing I worry about is it being so big and beautiful that it will become a louder place. This is Quiet Camp, peeps! :) I AM SO EXCITED !!

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  • Gayle Early says:

    That first pic is other-worldy.

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  • alaska glacier says:

    I can only hope (and pray) this temple doesn’t get spray tagged like the Temple of Flux did last year. What a beautiful creation, I can’t wait to see it live :-)

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  • Seawind says:

    12 stories? Wow…kudos my partner and the rest of the volunteer crew creating an amazing sacred space for all at BRC. May all who enter her doors find the love, solace, peace, and answers they are searching for. And who wouldn’t, with a magnificent structure like the Temple of Transition. I only wish I could be there… Have a great burn everyone.

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  • Corvus says:

    @ alaska glacier Last year’s was tagged because those flat climbable surfaces were just too tempting. I’m glad I got some pix Monday night when it was still pristine. Previous temples did not get tagged and this one matches those in general

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  • NDK says:

    It is my dream to enter this temple next year.

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  • Hasan says:

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  • I’m so glad that the internet allows free info like this!

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  • This does look promising. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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