Spiral Galaxy NGC 2397

About the author: Caveat Magister

A member of Burning Man Project's Philosophical Center, Caveat served as the Volunteer Coordinator for Media Mecca from 2008 - 2013, and the lead writer/researcher for Burning Man's education program from 2016 - 2018. Caveat is the author of The Scene That Became Cities: what Burning Man philosophy can teach us about building better communities. He has also written several books which have nothing to do with Burning Man. He has finally got his email address caveat (at) burningman (dot) org working again. He tweets, occasionally, as @BenjaminWachs

One comment on “Spiral Galaxy NGC 2397

  • Jim Smolka says:

    Met u bout a week ago in Cherry Creek where your parents live. Like your web sites. Lots of good Burning Man info. Stop sometime when u have more time. Check out my new site for the Super Van (64 VW High roof bus) & it also has a Face Book page under Supr Van.
    Love to talk to u more re BM. Where can I find more info on the Fl. pre & post Burns?

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