The pilgrimage to rediscovering your self

So finally, we are on the road. The journey is long from San Diego and a lot of hours behind the wheel. Sometimes it feels like you never going to get there, a lot of stops for gas, restroom, narrow roads and slow moving. I become impatient. Ants in my pants. The car is cramped and no room to move. That is no joke. I even have an outburst with my beautiful daughter I was riding with, Ashleigh. We had it out, but I believe it was just the ride and nothing else.

We arrive at the gates around I believe 2:00 a.m. Long wait, a lot of people just excited to be there. Humpy bumpy road, dust, dust, dust. We get inside after checkpoint and wait for everyone else to get there, and finally we find our campground and start setting up camp. By now it’s 5:30 a.m.

What a great sunrise! Its funny; that was the first sunrise for me in like 23 years. Where I live, you only see sunsets.

Now everyone is helping each other to set up and, like ants, it gets done faster with teamwork. We’re all tired — I know I’m dead from driving almost all day/night. So we all rested.

At nightfall, we all get on our bikes and venture on the playa. Wow, it’s out of this world for me. So many colors, neon, lasers… I’m blown away by all of it. It’s like Thanksgiving, Xmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, name a holiday and it’s here.

When you’re out there on the playa riding your bike, nothing matters: time, your bills, who you have to meet and when. I become at peace with myself. I become part of the dust I was covered in. I become closer to my daughter than ever before. I feel her feeling, cry with her, hold her hand, talk the night away like never before, and feel the pain and suffering we both endured. It’s like nothing I felt before, and I am grateful for that.

To all the parents out there wondering what your kids are doing and where they are, call them, hang out with them, feel what they feel, and you will see a totally different world. After all, it’s their time to shine and glow and show the world who they are. Thats what Burning Man taught me.

by Soheil Soheil

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