The Transformation

In the last 4 years my uncle, my dad, my mom, then my brother had passed away. Up until the burn i had some pretty tough times in my life and i still do actually. That was all about to change. At Burning Man i was finally able to let go of them at the Temple. The night before the burning of the Temple i went into the Temple to write down words of love for my loved ones and said a prayer for them. The next night as the Temple burned i hug my fellow burner family as i cried. I then began to pray and meditate for my loved ones. Inside my minds eye i saw red lights transform into flowing blue lights that radiated throughout my body then bursting outwards in rays of blue light into the surrounding atmosphere around myself. When i finally opened my eyes again i knew that the rest of my life would be different and that i would be better. Burning Man has changed my life. The thing i love most about Burning Man is that i fell in love with the people of Burning Man. I may have lost my old family but i had just gained a new FAMILY <3

by Bill Ball

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