Announcing the Burning Man YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel!
Our YouTube channel!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Burning Man’s official YouTube Channel … and YOU are invited to participate!

This channel showcases the best videos and films about (or inspired by) Burning Man’s history, ethos, global community, and growing year-round culture. It highlights videos that capture the reverie and reverence of Black Rock City — where we celebrate community and creativity in a crucible of ideas, art, and technology — and illuminates the global reach of Burning Man culture. In short, this channel tells the story of Burning Man’s evolution in the world, including reminders of the past, landmarks for the present and inspiration for the future.

We invite your participation!

Into the Zone: The first Burning Man on the Black Rock Desert
Into the Zone: The first Burning Man on the Black Rock Desert

Have you made a film inspired by your Burning Man experience? Do you have a piece of wisdom to share with your fellow Burners? What would you tell your virgin Burner friends preparing for their first trip to the playa? How has Burning Man changed your life? How will you tell the story?

To submit your piece for consideration, please take a look through the existing videos to get a sense of what’s being offered, and then visit our submission page to get the process started.


YouTube Channel FAQs and Guidelines

Q: How do I submit my video to Burning Man for consideration for inclusion in the channel? 

A: To submit videos for consideration, please use the upload tool. Please make sure the video is marked as “public” and that you have turned off the advertising option. (Should these requirements not be met, we won’t add your piece to our channel.)

Q: Are all submitted videos added to the YouTube channel?

A: No. Burning Man’s YouTube channel is curated and not all videos submitted for consideration will be posted. This channel serves as a motion picture museum — a storytelling vehicle for Burning Man worldwide. Thus, we are selective about which videos are included.

Q: What types of videos will be added to the YouTube channel? 

A: Selected videos demonstrate or explore any of the following:

  • Burning Man’s Ten Principles.
  • The culture of Burning Man year round and worldwide, exemplified by international Regional events and by the experience of international Burners.
  • Burning Man’s affiliate groups, the Burning Man Project, the Black Rock Arts FoundationBlack Rock Solar, or Burners Without Borders.
  • Strong examples of media coverage focusing on Burning Man, Regional events, or affiliate groups.
  • Informative and educational story lines that advance acculturation of new participants.
  • Showcase communal effort and creative expression by tracing development of art projects on playa or around the world.
  • The Black Rock City experience as told through the eyes of volunteers, artists, performers, theme campers, mutant vehicle drivers, staff, organizers, newbies, veterans, or YOU!

Curators select exemplary videos. They are well-made, unique, demonstrate good camera work, excellent editing, a quality soundtrack and an enjoyable storyline.

Q: I’ve submitted my film, but have yet to hear back. Is somebody asleep at the wheel? 

A: It may take some time to review your film. Please allow 90 days to receive a response, especially if you submit in August or September.

Q: Do I need a professional use agreement with Burning Man before submitting my work to the Burning Man’s YouTube channel?

A: No. This YouTube channel is a tool for sharing your work with the Burning Man community, friends and family. You do not need a professional use agreement on file with Burning Man. Please read Burning Man’s Rights and Responsibilities before filming at the event or submitting a video you’ve made to this channel. If you hope to do something more than submit your work to Burning Man’s YouTube channel, regardless of your profit motive, you will need to request a contractual agreement and specific approval by emailing press (at) burningman (dot) com (

Q: Some of the recognizable people I’ve included in my film never gave me their permission. Is it okay to submit it anyway? 

A: No. In submitting a film to Burning Man’s YouTube Channel, you acknowledge that all featured participants in your film have given their permission to use their image. It is policy — and really good etiquette — for you to let them know you plan to share the footage with a much wider audience than your own friends and family. If you can’t contact recognizable individuals in your shots, use other footage.

Q: What films will you definitely not select? 

A: Any content depicting illegal acts, violating copyright laws, portraying violence, or anything else we deem inappropriate or in opposition to the 10 Principles will not be considered.

Q: Why host videos on YouTube? Doesn’t that go against the principle of Decommodification? 

A: While we recognize there are other online sites through which many Burners host video, we have chosen YouTube because it is easy to use, is well-supported, and has an international audience. In an effort to protect our principle of decommodification, Burning Man will not select videos that allow the advertising feature.

Remember, by submitting your film to Burning Man’s YouTube channel, you agree to let Burning Man share your work publicly on the Burning Man YouTube channel.

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  • HoneyBee says:

    How about a channel dedicated to all the volunteers who make the Burn happen?

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  • Playa Nai`a says:

    So, how does one subscribe?

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  • RMcD says:

    How can I get your Uploads via RSS on your YouTube page?

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  • Lee Anna says:

    @HoneyBee – That’s a great idea, and one we’re looking forward to adding down the road. As individuals submit videos on not-yet-covered topics–topics like volunteerism, civic engagement, the Ten Principles in the world, and more–we’ll be adding new playlists. It’s an ever-evolving Burning Man channel. Yay!

    @Playa Nai`a – Good question. Go to Under the main video at the top of the page on the right side, you’ll see a button labeled “subscribe”. Click on it an BOOM! You’re subscribed.

    @RMcD – We’ll be creating a “New Video” channel through which you’ll be able to see all the exciting editions.

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