The Stars’ War

There was once an awakening, a body outlet, a wonderful escape to the beyond. I was there, lying in the heart of the mob. My soul stretched outward with an open heart. Something within me aspired to salvation.

In the twinkling of an eye, at the location of the pineal eye, my vision went blind. These are voices that I was hearing, those of extra-terrestrial presences. When each came up to me, she carried a common message. They called me the Earth, they called me planet, they talked to me, Pachamama. The moment stretched beyond time and space, it crossed the heavens and the strata up to this place where ideas grow to infinity. I was all ears, transported to the junction of the worlds. A lunar energy was exposing me to the system. At that time, Mars was at its closest. Venus which, albeit respectfully, tends to congratulate my background and justify my cracks. I was called perfect. My heart, far too incarnate, dissolved into particles of nothingness. The blue planet filled my chakras, I became all at once. The voice of the multiple dimensions were answering, one by one, each of my existential questions. It remained a part of me, maybe ego, which was surprised and flattered. It seemed to me I was expected to have the awareness of a star.


Since I was made with a free will, I was asked to participate in consciousness. Whatever its form, it was very a matter of my seeds. My sacred qualities, bauxite and oxygen, carbon and mitochondria are called to fertilize the entire universe. I am to become an apprentice and wisely trust. They invited me to grow in the outstanding free sharing. I was fauna and flora. The universe had provided us with all his treasures. He counted on us to make good use.

I felt charged with a Brobdingnagian mission that I wasn’t ready to take on. Something in me refused the honor of such responsibility. I then responded to the stars from the depth of my soul. With all my heart, I am with them and wish to live a simple life with the love of a family, close to nature and anchored with humanity. Some strange flash impressions were disturbing the reception of their message. I surprised myself thinking about “Star Wars,” not knowing yet that it was about the inner conflicts. I understood later the collective subconscious that is sometimes filled with illusions, confusing “Star Wars” with “stars’ war” as a literal translation of my mother tongue. The stars were with me whatever I chose. They pointed the way forward in successive planes. We were only beginning our evolution, young embryo of cosmic life, and I was only reaching the doorstep of my own. The idea of going further in that awakening close to a coma made me jump off the bed. A galactic present was offered to me. While I was all of us, I came back to myself. In a snap I joined my body, which was propelled in an epileptic seizure.

The sleeper at my side was shocked, worried before diving again into sleep, when I had told him everything was all right. It was a bearded man from Iran to my left who nodded his head when I mentioned I was just back from this amazing trip.

The days that followed, I was ecstatic with wonder. I paid special attention to the symbolic details that roamed my way. An object, an unknown word of intentional design was completing my thoughts. There was a rainbow of light or of matter scattered all over my destiny. I took to heart the host. The magic had taken over my life. I was left with the essential.

This episode in my life happened the last week of August 2003 while I was at Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA. 33,000 people came together while in the desert of Black Rock City around the theme proposed in this 17th edition: “Beyond belief.” Facing reality, I cultivate the absolute. My life will perhaps give me the opportunity to tell you about the events prior to this experience. In all humility, I walk.

by Amélie Longuet

(Oil painting: “C’est le Christ elle!”, by Amélie Longuet, 2012, 50/70cm)

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