Hug a DPW

Photo: Slona
Photo: Slona

Working in the DPW auto shop is tough, the crew is on call 24-7 right up to the end of the event and through clean up. It can get more than a little hectic. We’re trying to keep all the DPW vehicles up and running and assist all the participants off the playa. I was having one of those days and running on fumes myself when I got a call to go out and assist yet another vehicle to get it started and off playa. I rolled up on this janky old RV in Kidsville sputtering and cranky from lack of sleep and was all ready to make everyone’s day even more miserable than it already was. When I rolled up and got out of the truck one of the kids came right up to me, gave me a great big hug and said “Thank You for helping us out.” and I hadn’t even pulled a tool out yet.

Well… All that cranky nastiness just seemed to melt away when that young man hugged me and thanked me, it made my day. I was able to get them on their way and the rest of my day was just that much better for having heard two simple words… Thank You

by Jim Sweet

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3 Comments on “Hug a DPW

  • roissy says:

    Thank you once more from all of us who should have thanked you but did not.

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  • Osc says:

    “HUG” is a euphemism, right????

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  • Corvus says:

    All of the volunteers deserve thanks but DPW doubly so. If I had the stamina (and the skillz) I’d love to join you.

    My first burn, about midnight after the Temple burn (Fire of Fires) a guy in a DPW jacket came wandering into our lit up common area where about a half dozen of us were lounging. “You’re looking a bit peaked. Sit down and rest a spell,” then after a few exchanges, “What ‘cha work on?”

    “The Temple.”

    Well, with three or four Temple Guardians in attendance just sitting was insufficient. “Have a beer! You look hungry; a fried egg sandwich do?”

    It was little enough.

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