Have You Heard Of Him?

Photo: Ron Lussier
Photo: Ron Lussier

After reading Trevor Hughes Playadipity story, I’m reminded of my own amazing journey and discovery… all this, from our very own Camp Playadipity, back in 2011.

While my Lost Buddies camp joined up with Playadipity the previous year, I didn’t really get to meet many from the Playadipity side. So one of my goals for 2011 was to do so. I arrived back to camp one morning around 3:00 AM from a fantastic all night journey to Point 3 in the deep playa. I was ready to get some sleep, when I came across a group of the Playadipity folks chillin in their dome. I eventually struck up a conversation with Anne, one of the colorful new people I wanted to get to know better. We conversed for almost an hour about this and that, and mostly about her home town of Buffalo NY, and stories about her caravan that came back out to the playa. It was cool conversations, and I was kinda sad I didn’t get to connect with her so well the previous year.

On a final note from me, I asked her about a local hero I always remembered and loved from my college days in Western NY. This guy was amazing; dressed in his white tux and black bowler derby, he performed to halls and bars full of loud, friendly & wild fans. He played piano like Chopin, and sang songs that would make Lenny Bruce blush and laugh. And he gave me this lasting memory for the past 30 years. So I asked Anne, “Did you ever hear of this guy? Is he still alive?”, to which Anne responds “Ha, yeah, I married him”. I laughed, saying “Yeah, sure, but really, you heard of him?”. She looks me dead in the eye “I MARRIED HIM”, then she called out: “Hey Johnny boy, get your ass over here!”. And there he was. OMFG. I fell to my knees, hugged his legs and laughed uncontrollably. PLAYADIPITY!! In Camp Playadipity! Go figure…

by Jelly Burner

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4 Comments on “Have You Heard Of Him?

  • James says:

    Wow…THAT is fantastic.
    Absolutely brilliant.

    It’s a shame more people don’t comment here?
    Why? The Burning Blog could use some more exposure?

    Thanks for the share.

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  • wannabe says:

    Dr. Dirty? John Valby? I am from western NY and have seen him several times in my lifetime. What a great story you have!

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  • Andre "Shnapple" says:

    I read every tale from the playa and this one is a great example for “the playa provides” :-)
    Love to read your story…

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  • Ashlee says:

    omg all my family lives in buffalo ny and we were trying to plan and get together a big group for 2016! I know its a long way away but it will take us that long to gather the money for the trip lol you can email me if you ever need more burners from buffalo lol :) Ashlee.Nadolinski@yahoo.com

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