The Caravansary Souk — A Call for Participation!

The Man, surrounded by the Souk. (Rendering by Andrew Johnstone)
The Man, surrounded by the Souk. (Rendering by Andrew Johnstone)

What is The Caravansary Souk?
This year the Man will be surrounded by a colorful circle of tents known as the Souk. This new public space will be a bustling marketplace where nothing is for sale, devoted to gifting, cultural exchange, interactive performance, and a playful commerce in ideas. Stalls in the Souk will be staffed by 25 unmerchant groups from the Burning Man Regional Network.

Celebrate the Souk Grand Opening!
Monday, August 25 at the feet of the Man, 7-9 pm
Every journey on the Silk Road needs a celebration of welcoming and rejoicing with fellow travelers. All are invited to participate in the Grand Opening/Going Out of Business Extravaganza in the Caravansary Souk. As the sun sets on the first of seven magical nights, explore and discover exotic delights and unattainable wares as you connect with your community from around the world.
The festivities will be kicked off by a grand parade starting at the Everywhere pavilion and leading into the Souk. Those who wish to join in the parade are asked to assemble at Everywhere by 6:30 pm. The extravaganza in the Souk will commence at 7:00 pm and run through 9:00 pm. Performers of all stripes invited!!

Contact if you want to perform or contribute in some way!

Al-Ari Invites Traveling Performers to Participate in the Souk!
To enliven the festive atmosphere of the Souk plaza, caravan master Larry “Al-Ari” Harvey extends his personal invitation to itinerant jugglers, acrobats, fortune tellers, magicians, seers, fakirs, sadhus, strongmen, sword swallowers, fire eaters, dervishes, human statuary, and dancing sign-shakers to bless us with the gift of performance in the Souk throughout the week.

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11 Comments on “The Caravansary Souk — A Call for Participation!

  • G says:

    Hmm This is nice. I hope there will be the traditional Crimson’s opening ceremony, and the esplanade ring of fireworks too.
    These bright tents need a nice tawny coat of playa dust IMHO.

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  • John Schultz says:

    Have gathered items from all over the universe to display at the Souk! Why is it limited to Regionals?

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  • julian says:

    there will be items from all of the unseen dimensions

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  • playadude says:

    Isn’t this a lot like center camp?

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  • Larry Harvey says:

    This is a reply to John Schultz (who has gathered items from all over the universe):

    Participation in the souk is not limited to regional groups. We will also furnish space for walk-in “merchants”. All you need to do is check in at the the Innkeepers Office, located adjacent to the main entrance to the caravansary; space within the souk will be alloted on a first-come, first-served basis. Itinerant peddlers may also rove about the courtyard of the central plaza, though they may not establish permanent stalls here. There will be ample room for everyone.

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  • sheeeesh says:

    @ susanbunny – sheeeesh!

    @ Larry – let’s do this!

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  • g says:

    Seriuosly Susanbunny, Mr. Harvey is likely quite removed from the ticketing process. No dobt he could certainly pull some strings, however one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar, and you dished up some mighty tart vinegar there, or was that hydrochloric acid? Have you cosidered sexual favors?


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  • John Schultz says:

    WOW Larry spoke to me! To little ol’ me! I got something special for you Larry! look for IVES I may be in a barka!

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  • DJ Peebs says:

    I have heard that The Incal will make an appearance…

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  • Sydney Chandler says:

    @ Susanbunny

    The tickets are in the mail. Mine just came a few days ago. If you bought it, it will come.

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  • Siiiberto says:

    Sword swallowing… But above says NO WEAPONS…

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