Professional Media Proposals Due July 10


Are you a professional photographer or videographer coming to Burning Man? The deadline for Professional Media Project Proposals is July 10. Proposals can be submitted here, and you must submit a project proposal, be approved, AND check-in at Media Mecca on site in order to distribute any media from the event beyond social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

As a reminder: all participants with cameras, regardless of whether they are for personal or professional use agree to abide by the ticketholders terms and conditions for media. This includes always asking for consent to film and giving credit for the art that you capture. Don’t be a creepster!

For more information on our Media Policy, please read our Press Rights & Responsibilities page of our website.

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5 Comments on “Professional Media Proposals Due July 10

  • joney says:

    Nice. Except it’s already been ruled in court that BMorg does not own pictures or other media recorded at the event. Sure, that wont stop them from sending you a cease & desist letter, but it doesn’t hold water.

    “After 8 months, they were pretty much straight away found by the judge to have no legal basis for their complaints and had no legal right to tell me what to do with my private property and (now) copyrighted material as the land was still public, even though rented for a festival, and my buying a ticket was in NO WAY A LEGAL CONTRACT OR AGREEMENT TO TERMS OF SERVICE. This is according to both US and Australian law.”

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  • Pat says:

    >Don’t be a creepster!

    Notice how this statement is subtly manipulating the community to equate people (men) taking pictures without consent as perverts. There is no other possibility – burners must pounce on any man taking a picture without consent of everyone in field of view. Protect the children and the women from these camera rapists.

    This is actually just a way to enlist the community to enforce the no picture policy so the BMorg doesn’t have to. This is a cynical exploitation of the rape hysteria that is so prevalent at the event.

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  • AJPN says:

    Today is July 10th. But it says that forms are already closed on July 10th. What’s up with that?

    Jackrabbitspeaks says today is the last day. Um… Did it close at noon?

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  • LEMUR says:

    they add this ‘we own your photographs’ shit to the ticket contract and play the ‘ITS FOR YOUR PRIVACY’ card, which appeals to the ‘rape culture’ minded west coast set.. and makes it hard for anyone to argue against it in the community…… but really it isnt as much about stopping nude pictures as much as it is a way for them to exert control over the imagery in general.

    they make money off of the images. they get to control the way they appear, whether it be through the media project vetting/selection process or through cease and desist bullshit

    and through it all this art festival (which seems to claim rights to a lot of the art out there already) gets to bullshit their way out of any critique of their anti-freedom anti-art stance by saying ‘it is to keep pervs out!’

    whos gonna argue against that one?! ……… some people have tried, most of them shouted down by assholes who seem to think they have a legal right to not be photographed

    most of those who tried to stand up for our 1st amendment right to photograph and use as one wishes have been shouted down by people who cant tell the difference between a “private event” and “privacy” …….and we’re all the worse off for it.

    something tells me if the california culture wasn’t so strong at burning man their bullshit camera policy, and the excuse they use to justify it, would have received a hearty ‘fuck off’ a long time ago.

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